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Be fierce and fashionable with your plus size

Summer is here, and finding the perfect swimsuit is on the minds of many women, as everyone is yearning for those long beach days. Trendy plus size swimsuits are now easier than ever to find, thanks to the community’s growing penchant for curvy women. Gorgeous high-waist designs are perfect for those looking to emphasize their waistline, and full-piece suits are a sexy yet functional way to play in the sand and surf all summer long. Everyone knows how difficult it can be department store shopping — especially with the terrible lighting, crook-eyed sales clerks, and terrible selection. The truth is that finding the perfect swimsuit at the mall or local department store may be a little trickier than anyone cares to admit. However, finding the perfect plus size swimsuit online is no longer the challenge that it used to be.

Robyn Lawley is a beautiful plus size model who has certainly paved the way for larger women to look and feel confident in their own skin. She is a woman that most would love to emulate, and is not shy about showing a little skin. Another such crusader, Ashley Graham, has helped other plus sized women take charge and remove the stigma that comes with not fitting the mold that the fashion industry has created, and is working in tandem with the online retailer swimsuitsforall to provide an amazing new lineup of plus size swimwear for women sizes 8 through 34. Her unique lineup adds fun and daring to plus size designs. Her hard work has helped ensure that there are tons of options to find a fashionable swimsuit— in part because of the attention she has brought to the fashion world, insisting on more plus size options.

Out of season shopping can sometimes prove even more difficult for women needing a suit for a “winter” cruise to Hawaii or the Bahamas, where beach weather is year round. Thankfully there are a few sites out there that carry trendy plus size swimsuits for those sick of basic black designs. Although in store shopping can be tough, online retailers have upped their game to cater more towards curvy women, which is wonderful. Everyone knows that it is difficult enough to shop for anything out of season, let alone for extended size ranges at a department store. But by checking out Ashley Graham’s plus size collection at swimsuitsforall, you’ll see that there are plenty of options available year round.

The best thing to remember when shopping for swimwear is to just go with it! If you are confident in it, and love it, then rock that frock. There is no reason to purchase something just to make someone else happy. After all, that little number is on your body, and you are the only one that needs to love it. Whether it is a modest full piece or a vibrant waist-high bikini, wear what makes you feel happy and gorgeous.

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