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Avoid Skin Care Purchases Regrets By Following These Tips

The world of cosmetics has always been very overwhelming and exciting.A huge sum of money is being spent to maintain the ratio of demand and supply as well as on the product marketing. With the current desperation of being beautiful and attractive even in your fifties and with all the marketing gimmicks, it is very easy to get carried away and purchase the wrong product, which may have harmful effects on your skin. In order to avoid these skincare purchases regrets, multiple ways can be incorporated to find out the right skin care products that are even suitable for your pockets.

Thus, if you really want to understand how to avoid skincare purchase regret, the only way is to analyze some of the common mistakes done in the spur of the moment while shopping, and taking out some time to rectify the same.

Reasons to avoid hasty skincare purchases

A quick fix is not possible

It would be very discouraging to declare that despite the promises, no serums, face wash, creams,and oils can alter the inherent skin condition to get dramatic results in one go! Your facial skin has to face a number of challenges – like pollution, suntan, wrong skincare routines that you may regret later, as they alter the structural as well as the functional integrity of cells; which can have visible harmful effects on your skin.

You cannot just alter these internal changes by topical applications of these products. Accepting these facts can help you to avoid further skincare purchases regrets.

Don’t be trapped in samples

Samples can always force you to spend more money on skincare products, as you tend to like its fragrance or when you notice that you are not allergic to it and it is giving that pseudo impact to your skin. Statistics suggest that most of the skincare purchases regrets can be avoided by not trying samples all the time and making quick decisions to purchase based on that analysis.

The results are variable

Every person is different and has a variable skin type, such as oily, dry, acne prone, and much more. Making the decision to purchase the skincare product, based on the reviews and remarks, can be one of the prominent skincare purchase mistakes to avoid. You should always look for the option that is customized for your skin problem or skin tone in order to save yourself from future skincare purchases regrets.

And the list of skincare mistakes from your side continues to be longer to keep you wondering why your skin texture is getting worse day by day! According to the recent survey, many people regret about the wrong skin care regimen incorporated by them during the early phase of their life. Some of the commonly acknowledged regrets are being noted herewith:

I shouldn’t have poked my skin during severe acne

Teenage girl with mirror

This is something very obvious and being repeatedly conveyed to us since the time we had our first pimple. Although, we didn’t really acknowledge it at that time, 30 years later, when we still struggle to remove those acne marks with costly products, we can surely consider it to be one of the biggest skincare purchases regrets.
Experts have suggested a strong spot clearance treatment for acne which can prevent the appearance of new marks and breakouts.

I should have kept my skin always hydrated

Water is crucial for keeping your skin cells in their metabolic state. Studies have confirmed that cells in their active metabolic state trigger secretion of collagen that is important for maintaining the pH balance of your skin and the plump, firm skin texture. In fact, the connection between good, glowing skin with nutrition has been discussed by many dermatologists and cosmetic experts. Studies have indicated the dramatic effect of water in improving skin texture, firming the skin, removal of tan, etc.  Thus, one of the commonly expressed skincare purchases regrets is to rely on aerated soft drinks and on the go eating habits instead of water or highly nutritious food.

I should have incorporated skin care routine with expert’s advice

In today’s world, when we are pulling ourselves with the clock, it seems very easy to forget what your skin demands from you. Just treating your skin with a normal bathing bar that is making your skin all the more dry and dull is not the right way to do it.

Implementing proper skin care routine like cleansing twice daily, application of natural toner, skin moisturizer, exfoliation cream,and sunscreen every time you go out is very essential to keep you away from common skincare purchases regrets.

I should have learned about my skin condition or had consulted with an expert

It is a common mistake that many of us do – to rely on friends and the advertisements for our skin care. However, it is very important to understand that every skin type is different, and so is the care that has to be offered to your skin. Many people might express their skincare purchases regrets later in their lives when they have to actually shell out more money in managing skin issues due to wrong products, such as burning sensation, irritation, itching, red patches, etc.

I should have maintained proper inventory

It is quite possible that you have already used a product that worked well for you, but over the period of time, you lost its details. Experts suggest that it would always be beneficial to make an inventory of all the products that have been used by you,along with the review, in order to have all the details handy for you. This, in turn, will keep you away from any unnecessary purchase and skincare purchases regrets.


When you get panic attacks with those scary moments when you actually see yourself through the mirror, you need not be panic. You only have to choose wisely for a healthy, beautiful skin. It is also very important that once you find a right product for you that is fulfilling all your criteria, such as budget, skin tone, requirements, etc. you make sure that the product has been used by you atleast for three months before thinking that it works for you! Further, while buying a new product, you need to analyze a need for buying a particular product to avoid skincare purchases regrets.

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