7 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Bridal Party

Besides finding a perfect wedding gown, another tricky task is to get perfect bridesmaid dresses. This is because these dresses must be according to your wedding theme, and most importantly suitable for the tastes of your bridesmaids, without overshadowing the bride’s look.

Here are some amazing tips to make your best friends and sisters feel and look their best at your wedding.

  1. Do not leave your bridesmaid until last

The bridesmaid dresses must be as per your wedding theme and style. So, you must decide beforehand which dresses may look best on your besties, while reflecting the theme of the wedding. Therefore, you need to start looking for bridesmaid dresses as soon as you’ve finalized your perfect wedding gown.

  1. Don’t be stubborn when it comes to color

You may have dreamed of a perfect wedding theme for so many years, but that doesn’t mean you neglect choices of your bridesmaids. So, don’t be too stubborn for a particular color. Though you’ve to keep in mind the color of your wedding theme when selecting bridesmaid dresses, you should also consider the skin tone of your maids. As it won’t be fair if your chosen dress color completely washes out one of your bridesmaids. So, take out some time to discuss preferences of your bridesmaids. 

  1. Different shapes and sizes

This one is quite obvious that one size won’t fit all. So, all your bridesmaids require dresses in different shapes and sizes. You need correct measurements of all your bridesmaids. Moreover, if you have a color-themed wedding, then you can even let them select their own dresses in different style of their choice.

This way they will get a chance to select their preferred dress style to match the theme of your wedding. It will surely make each and every one of your maids feel happy and be part of your pre-wedding shopping and preparations.

  1. Don’t forget the perfect shoes

Well, a look of a dress instantly drops down when worn with wrong shoes. So, don’t let shoes be an afterthought, especially when your bridesmaid dresses are short – as shoes will definitely get noticed. Try to get the suitable pair of shoes that match up with the style of a particular dress.

  1. Consider lingerie logistics

A wrong lingerie can totally ruin the look of even the prettiest dresses. So, every dress needs right undergarments to enhance its appearance. Don’t forget to remind your bridesmaids to get appropriate lingerie, depending on the style their dresses.

  1. Keep comfort in mind

Just because you have imagined your all bridesmaids to be in strapless dresses, doesn’t mean all of them would be comfortable wearing that style. You must consider their opinion and style preferences to get the best dresses for them. This way they’ll not only feel comfortable, but also get to enjoy more at the bridal party.

  1. Don’t neglect the weather

Choose color and fabric of the dresses according to the season. If it’s spring, then go for floral or bring colors in light airy fabrics. But if it is a winter wedding, then you should avoid such light fabrics. Moreover, ensure all your bridesmaids have shrugs, scarfs, or pashminas to keep themselves warm during winter season.

While the bride gets to decide what her bridesmaids wear, it is important to realize preferences of your lovely ladies for an amazing wedding party.

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