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The Backpacker’s Guide to Europe: Things to Know

For quenching thirst for travel and for creating unforgettable memories, people set out on journeys to different places. However, for making journeys and trips seamless and memorable, they require planning and scheduling them with utmost diligence. If you love backpacking and you desire to explore Europe, then this article is going to help you a lot. Here are some of the best tips for backpacking through Europe.

Be wise while choosing a season

Considering season can help make your Europe trip far more pleasant. For instance, if you are planning a trip during peak summer season, you should head to East. Baltic cities, the Balkan coastline, and the Slovenian mountains look fantastic during summers. Plan to visit cities of Spain and Italy during autumn, as they look their best during this season. You can head to North including Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the British Isles, and France to enjoy beautiful long days in spring.

Planning trip around a festival is lot more fun

For making your Europe trip, even more, fun, and memorable, you can plan it around some festival. Do some research to find out the festivals and when do they take place. Depending on your personal preference and keeping in mind a few other things like season, you can plan your trip. Some of the famous European festivals include La Tomatina (Spain), Tomorrowland (Belgium), The Carnival of Venice, Oktoberfest (Germany), and Notting Hill Carnival (England).

Be well informed about the accommodation options available

Accommodation is one of the most important factors, as it can make or mar a trip experience. Therefore, you must meticulously plan this one thing just when you begin with your trip planning. This goes for you especially if you desire planning a budget conscious Europe tour for yourself. There is no dearth of pricier accommodations across Europe, but you can always find affordable accommodations in the form of hostels there. For a better value of money, you can consider accommodating yourself in one of the home stays available. You can also enjoy pocket-friendly camping at one of the well-equipped sites.

Be safe

Stay safe, as it is a prerequisite for your happy and memorable trip. To ensure your safety, you simply need to take some basic precautions at all times. For example, do not go about flaunting your expensive assets including your camera, Smartphone, and more, keep an eye on all your belongings at all times, have photocopies of all the important identity proofs and other things that you would carry along on the trip.


Female student with sandwich in the cafeteria

You can find a plethora of small food shops throughout Western Europe that sell cheap pizza slices, sandwiches, and sausages. These small shops are there in plenty at bus stations, train stations, and the pedestrian areas. Even some restaurant meals also serve as cheap food alternatives. If you desire saving more money, you can cook your own food after buying products at discount from the supermarkets like the Penny Market, Profi, Lidl, and Aldi. If compared to the west, food is cheaper in the east.

Learn a few words or phrases of the language spoken in the country

To express your respect towards the people of the country you are planning to visit, and to make the usual interaction easy, you should get the hang of a few common phrases or important words that people speak there. If you know some of the common words and sentences, asking directions can get much easier.


Relying on an extensive backpacking travel guide, people can make their backpacking trip through Europe one of the most memorable experiences for people in their life.

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