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Trying these foods will make travelling across the world worth it

Aroma is one such sense that keeps us all on the edge. Food is undoubtedly the main agenda on many a travelers map. Here are some food options that may make you actualize ‘Around the world in 80 days’. Let’s begin with the food safari!

    • The best empanadas (stuffed pastries) among many others in Argentina are found in the Salta region of the northwestern part of the country. The place is also well known for its hot sauce.
    • Cheap and flaky but delicious potato filled Singaras from India and Bangladesh come 24 for a dollar! It’s the fastest filler on the move.
    • Nasi Campur from Bali is the local rice mixed plate. While at most places, the mix is restaurant chosen, but at Warungs, the more local food outlets, the delicious choice between meat, tofu and other such is left to the one who is at the feast.
    • Seltenas are Empanada- like pockets filled with chicken or meat and ending in a sweet crust. The taste buds could toggle across fiery, hot, normal and sweet based on one’s choice.
    • Downtown Sarajevo has the Bosnian national dish, Cevapi on offer. It is served in installments of 5-10 logs of meat rolled on bread. One doesn’t miss meals for days after tasting a Cevapi.

    • Cheese loaded hot-dogs from Chile mixing avocado, tomato and mayonnaise is a one of a kind experience.
    • Chinese dumplings filled with pork, shrimp and leak dumplings have won the dumpling race in China.
    • The Argentinean Asado made from the finest meat in the country is a ball for oneself or a treat to your guest. Greed makes the choice tougher!
    • For those who like to have food adventures, Kangaroo lions from Australia with its steak like feel could be a good expedition.
    • The traditional Chinese dumpling Jiaozi with meat or mushroom are cheap and easily available besides being absolutely delicious.

  • Kebabs wrapped in Lavash (flat bread) are the choice street food of Armenia.
  • Gallo Pinto is a traditional dish from Costa Rica made from beans, scrambled eggs and a small tortilla. A banana may off-set the salt in the dish. Chan seeds and sweet water could well replace the banana though. Gallo Pinto is pocket friendly as it costs $1.80

The list endless and so is the hunger, making us explore and discover more food items that can satisfy our palate.

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